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RCCG FASTING AND PRAYER 2020 – DAY 1 .RCCG January  50 Days Fasting and Prayer has declared by our Father in –the –Lord,  Pastor E A Adeboye under the divine instruction of God is  for us the children of God  worldwide to encounter   “ God is our refuge and strength ” in every area of our life.

Beloved whatever breakthroughs or divine intervention you are trusting God for in your life, Family, Marriage, Children, Career, Finance, health and other area connect by faith, fast and pray along and you shall encounter divine intervention. There shall be great turn around concerning your situations.

These Daily prayers points are the prayer guide sent out from RCCG Directorate of prayer to help believers in our daily fasting and prayer.

All the prayers are based on the prayer points in the guide. I strongly believe these daily prayer points will help you to seek God daily as you continue steadfastly in the prayer.

Meditate daily on the main bible text: Psalms 126 Vs 1- 6. And please use it to pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. My prayer is that you shall testify to the Glory of the Father.

If these daily prayer as blessed you or help to build your faith and your prayer life, kindly share your testimony on the channel. Remain blessed in Jesus Name Amen

You may be faced with confusion in your life, depression and frustration in your business, physical and emotional abuse in your relationship, financial debt and rejection, failure in marriage, delay in marriage, miscarriages or difficulty with pregnancy, academic failure, and setback in your career or Joblessness. Even if you are torment by generational curses or evil spells and you need prayer of deliverance.

You have come to the right place where many are receiving unique and extraordinary breakthroughs.

DAY 1: QUALITY AND INTENSIVE PRAISE, TEXT: Psa 116. Praise is an expression of respect and gratitude. It is an act of worship, giving praise to God. It can be by singing or joyful noise, from gladness of heart. Psa. 100:1 .Our God, we praise you because you are a gracious God in Jesus’ name. Psa. 116

  1. Our Father in heaven, we praise you because you are a righteous God in the name of Jesus. 1 1:30
  2. Lord we praise you for you are a compassionate God in the name of Jesus. Psa 145:8-9
  3. We praise you for you are a merciful God in the name of Jesus. 2Sam 24:14.
  4. Lord I praise you for your grace that saved us in the name of Jesus. Eph. 2:8
  5. We praise you for creating us in Christ Jesus unto good works in Jesus Eph.2:10
  6. We praise you the only one that forgives sin in Jesus name. Psa 103:3
  7. We praise you the redeemer of life in the name of Jesus. Psa. 103:4
  8. We praise you Lord for you are great in Jesus name Psa 104:1
  9. God the father, we bless your name because you are wise and powerful, we will praise you forever and ever in Jesus name. Dan 2:20.
  10. Almighty father God, we will sing and praise you for you are the only one who can rescue the oppressed from the power of evil in the name of Jesus. Jer. 20: 3
  11. Thank you, Lord, for how great you are, we will proclaim and tell of the wonderful things you have done in the name of Jesus. Psa 75:1
  12. Thank you for your glory and might power that cannot be surmounted in the name of Jesus. 1 Chron. 16:28
  13. Let us praise God for his glorious grace, for the free gift He gives us in his dear son Jesus Christ. Eph. 1:6
  14. Lord God, we thank you for your salvation, we will sing to you and proclaim your loving kindness day after day in the name of Jesus. 1 Chron. 6:23

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