This powerful prayer session will turn your sorrow to Joy. Sorrow is an emotion, feeling, emotion or sentiment. Sorrow “is more ‘intense’ than sadness. We are praying against sorrow as a result of miscarriage, Joblessness, Financial debts, barrenness, loneliness, rejection in immigration application, failure of visa application, affliction of sickness, academic failure, disappointment in relationship, delay in getting married, marriage violence or business failure. This anointed prayer will help you and reassured you that your situation will turn around in Jesus name. You will celebrate in  Jesus name. Listen to the prayer and connect with every words with your faith. Meditate on the following scripture:

Psalm 118:24

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.

1.Father please turn my sorrow to Joy.

2.Father let the source of sorrow in my life dried up.

3.Father please change my situation and let the river of Joy flow in my life.

4.Father I decree and declare that the fountain of sorrow shall dried up in my life in Jesus.

5.Father let the Joy of the lord be my strength.

6.Every sorrow of Joblessness shall turn to Joy.

7.Every sorrow of delayed marriage shall turn to Joy.

8.Every sorrow of immigration application delay shall turn to Joy.

9.Every sorrow of disappointment in relationship shall turn to Joy.

10.Every sorrow of sickness shall turn to healing in Jesus name.