Delayed Marriage or Lateness in Marriage is a challenging situation faced by both believers and unbelievers alike. Marriage delay is a major difficulty most ladies pray against around the world.

Marital delay is a circumstance in which a sister of a marriageable age is unable to find a compatible husband. The problem of late marriage and arrested marriage is real, and many are getting married extremely late because they are under satanic yoke and bondage of marital delay.

Delay in marriage is a growing problem in all our society today and it affects both male and female. This also transcend our race, culture, and creed. More ladies today are affected by delay in marriage. The passion to get married is good, but nothing seems to be working for them in that direction. Sometimes the situation can be very discouraging: a large percentage of our beautiful ladies do not even have admirers connecting with them. It is incredibly sad and painful in our churches today to find some of our born-again sisters with the age bracket of 40 -55+ that are yet unmarried. This may describe your current situation or circumstances. This is based on statistics of ladies that attends our monthly online breakthrough prayers for singles.

You may have fasted, Prayed and even sow seeds of faith and nothing has changed. Instead of getting better your situation seems to be frustrating and hopeless. Your mind may have been flooded with questions like:

 Why me?

Where are you Lord?

Can I still depend on you and your Word?

Are you still there?

Am I not getting too old for marriage?

But when will you answer me, Lord?

You do not know what God is up to. You may feel overlooked, and nobody is giving you credit. Do not worry. God knows how to promote you out of season. God has you in the palm of His hand. He sees what is happening; He has not brought you this far to leave you. He is about to do something unusual, something bigger than you have imagined.

Signs of Delayed or lateness in Marriage

The following are some of the signs that you may be affected or it may  apply  to someone you know struggling with getting married?

  •  Rejection and disappointment in relationship.
  •  Stagnation or frustration in relationship.
  • I am of marriageable age and no man is asking me out.
  • You are in a relationship and the man never proposed.
  • Always start a relationship but the man stops for no fault of yours.
  • Dream of getting married but in real life no relationship.
  • Similar pattern in your family and among siblings.
  • You are the first born, first girl or the only girl in your family.
  • Dream of sexual intercourse in the dream with unknown Man.
  • Always been approached by married Man.

Some know Causes Of delayed In Marriage.

The causes of delayed marriage may be Spiritual and Physical Causes.

Sins can stand has hindrances or blockage.  Immoralities, Unforgiveness etc.

Attitude and Character Issues may be a source of delay Marriage

Generational Curses

Evil Covenants and spell

Spirit Husband

 Family Non-Acceptance


My sisters you may have big problems, but we serve a big God. Quit worrying. God is saying all is well. God is going to put you at the right place at the right time. Jehovah is going to send divine connections, god fearing soulmate that will go out of their way to be good to you.

You could not make it happen. It is the favour of God bringing you into your yes. Things are about to turn in your favour. You are going to defy the odds. People are going to know the Lord is on your side. God knows your value my dear sister; He sees your potential. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. But hold your head up high, knowing that God is in control and Jehovah has a great plan and marital purpose for your life. God is not the author of “loneliness” in the life of anyone. Marriage was in His ultimate agenda and plan for my sisters. God does not also desire that anyone experience delays in marriage.
He desires that you settle down in marriage with someone that will love and care for you.

The best way to triumph over delay in marriage is to engage in constant spiritual prayer battle with the enemy and to call back all the benefits you would have gained if you had gotten married earlier. God is waiting for you to fight it out with your enemy.

You have the Most high on your side. His name is the Lord, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord Mighty in battle, the Lord of host, the one who has never lost a battle. Call him; He is the Way the Truth and the Life, He is the Resurrection and the Life, He is the Unchangeable changer.

The promises of God are quick, powerful and effective! God’s words are always backed by His authority and we know His words cannot return to Him void. Our God cannot lie when He speaks it is done. God’s dreams, vision and words concerning our lives will surely come to pass. God is the one that instituted marriage and He performed the first wedding ceremony in Genesis chapter 2. God has a man for every woman and if you feel that you have lost God’s perfect will for your life, do not forget that for every Vashti there is an Esther.

Lateness in marriage can come because of collective captivity and spiritual manipulations of sorts. “In His time God makes all things beautiful” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

The God that makes all things beautiful, will step into your situation, break down every wall of separation between you and your God-ordained husband (Ephesians 2:14) and gather you together by His Spirit (Isaiah 34:16; Ephesians 2:13). Our God is faithful! He never comes late. He will hasten His words (concerning your marriage) to perform it. (Jeremiah 1:12).



Please use the following spiritual guidance below:

You need to go on 21 days personal fast. You fast from 6am to 6pm daily. If you have any medical condition, please get permission from your doctors or seek medical advice.

During your fasting, you must observe pray at the following hours, 6am, 9am, 12pm , 3pm and 6pm. And 12 Midnight Each day.

DAY 1 – 3 : Cleansing and Redeeming your Soul .

Confess and Meditation: on Psalms 51:1 -19. (Confess 7 times before you pray)

Prayer Bullets:

💥Father please cleanse my spirit soul and body by the blood of Jesus.

💥Father please sanctify and purify my soul in the blood of Jesus.

💥Father I repent of any sins of Unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, anger, envy, Jealousy, unbelief, fornication etc. As you are led by the Holy Spirit.

💥Father I repent of any know and unknown sins in my lineage.

💥Father please fill me with the Holy Spirit and Power.

💥Father anoint me with the Holy Spirit and power.

💥Father please turn me to a flame of fire.


Confess and Meditate: Revelation 12:11

💥Father any generational curse of delayed marriage by the blood of Jesus.

💥Father I cancelled evil covenant of lateness in marriage.

💥Father I nullify evil spell of delayed marriage in my life by the blood of Jesus.

💥Father I break the yoke of delayed marriage operating in my life.

💥Father I terminate activities of spirit husband in my life.

💥Father I declare that I am set free by the blood of Jesus.

💥Father I break the Cycle of delayed Marriage in Jesus name.

💥Father I terminate  the force  that Cause Lateness in Marriage

Confess and Meditate: Proverbs 18:22, Genesis 2:24, Genesis 2:18

💥Father please this Year I AM Getting Married, I decree it proclaim, I have made confession in Jesus mighty name So Shall it Be in Jesus mighty name AMEN.

💥Holy spirit please connect me with my Godly husband.

💥Father Please connect me to my husband.

💥Father my husband shall locate in Jesus name.

💥Father I decree and declare my marital manifestation in Jesus Name.

💥Father this is my year of marital settlement in Jesus name.

Day 21- Thanksgiving by faith for Marital Settlement.

Confess and Meditate: Matthew 18:18, Jeremiah 29:12, Isaiah 65:24

💥Father I thank you for connecting me to my godly husband.

💥Father I thank you for marital settlement.

💥Father I thank you for peaceful wedding.

My sisters I pray that God will strengthen you to carry out this spiritual guidance effectively. During this period please avoid any form of distraction. Pay close attention to your dreams and visions. Try and be spiritually sensitive and alert. I would like to encourage you also to attend our monthly online Breakthrough prayers for the single ladies trusting God for their godly husband. You will celebrate and testify like others in Jesus name. God bless you!