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Everybody in life needs an helper at one point or the other in the journey of life.

“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from. The Lord, which made heaven and earth.” – Ps. 121:1-2

Helper can be inform of  Aid, Assistant or Companion.

Journey in life is simply an  adventure and Expedition.

There are people that has been positioned by heaven to make the journey of your life smooth.

It is God that helps; He is the source of all help, however, He makes use of men as machinery for the delivery of these help on earth.

Indeed, God has a deep pity for those who have no helpers (Job 29:12).

My Helper Must Locate Me -PRAYER POINTS

  1. Every veil of darkness, covering my destiny helper from locating me , be unveiled in Jesus name.
  2. Every visible and invisible force assigned to hinder my connection with my destiny helpers, be arrested in Jesus name.
  3. Father by fire, break every wall of partition between me and everyone assigned to lift up my head in Jesus name.
  4. By the fire of God, I break every covenant of promise and fail operating in my life in Jesus name.
  5. Every spirit of antagonism on assignment to deny me of due help, be destroyed in Jesus name.

6.. Almighty God, by the force of favour, speedily connect me with my destiny helpers in Jesus name.

  1. Father, stir up the spirit of every destiny helper positioned for my life on earth to locate me in Jesus name.
  2. Every of my destiny helper that has been held down in the prison of life, be released speedily by the fire of the Holy Ghost, locate me speedily in Jesus name.
  3. Heavenly father, by divine set up, arrange a meeting between me and my destiny helper that will lead to my change of story this season in Jesus name.
  4. Prayer for Helper

    Oh Lord in the order of Mordecai, arrange my remembrance in the heart of everyone that has been heavenly ordained to help me in Jesus name.


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