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Morning Prayer that will Ignite your day!. This powerful Morning Prayer will transform and connect you with God’s divine plan. You will be divinely directed by this Morning Prayer. Again this Morning Prayer shall grants you the grace to super naturally steps into abundance.

May this Morning Prayer release courage and promotion into your life. Importantly as you step out of your home today, the Glory of God that is release through this Morning Prayer lift you up to place prominent. This Morning Prayer will channel helper of destiny into your way. This Morning Prayer will sustain you to super abundance and unending testimonies. The power of God flowing in this Morning Prayer will unite you with your long awaited greatness and fame.

The anointing of God been released by this Morning Prayer shall release dominion and serenity into your life. Furthermore the grace of God on this Morning Prayer will open unto you special success and comfort in your family, in your marriage and finances. You will see the mighty hand of God through this early Morning Prayer. In all your life tranquillity and love will flow into your life through the anointing of God in this powerful Morning Prayer.

Likewise the power of Jehovah through the utterance of this Morning Prayer will connect you with heaven divine assistance. This Morning Prayer will open unto you door to expansion, door to progress in every area of your life. Delay shall be terminated by anointing of God on this prayer points. There shall be not more setback and hindrance to your dominion in life.

Consequently toiling and frustration are over in your life. Life shall be sweet for you. You’re not a servant here on earth but a king. You’re born to be relevant to your generations. You’re now a commander of success. All your crooked places are made straight by power of God flowing through this Morning Prayer.

Finally your supplies shall never cease. You are unbeatable and unstoppable in life. The door of greatness shall not shut against you. No devil will hijack your vision in life. Thank you Lord for it is done!

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